Smartphones: Their Unknown Danger and Social Impact

After recently writing about the benefits of learning how to code, in this post I am going to cover some of the downsides of living in a technological world.

Inhibited communication

One of the biggest cultural changes that occurred in society during the last decade was the introduction of the smartphone. People use their phones while waiting for a bus, while sitting in the bus, at work, at home, and everywhere else.

It has become a widespread habit for many of us to look at our phone even if there is no reason for it. I have done it myself, and I have observed it among others. Some people pull out their phone if they feel awkward in the presence of others, which allows them to look occupied and not having to engage in conversations.

Using smartphones inhibits communication. I like to talk with strangers sometimes, but doing so has become more difficult and it will get even harder in the future. Society has definitely changed, and sometimes I wonder why the media has talked so little about this change.

Growing Up Today

The new generation will be even worse than us. Not so long ago, I was in a village and I went past a bus station. At the bus station, I saw about twenty school kids waiting for the bus. None of them said a word. Of course, almost half of them was on the phone.

But even worse: Even the kids who were not holding a phone in their hands were silent. They just looked blankly into the air.

For me, this was quite a strange observation.

The Illusion of Closeness

Smartphones let us feel close to our friends at all times. But while sending text messages, having a call, or sharing pictures or videos with them, we are actually far away from people that we would like to be close to. Phones make distances seem irrelevant. But deep inside, we feel that this is an illusion and smartphones won’t bring us closer to people. In fact, the opposite might happen. It makes us feel lonely.

Of course, it’s everybody’s own choice how much to use a smartphone. But I still don’t like how it impacted society and how it changed the way we treat each other. What is the conclusion? How to handle smartphones? What is your suggestion?


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